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Inside the Massive Repair Shops Where Subway Cars Go for a Makeover - The New York Times

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March 1, 2024, 3:00 a.m. ET

The average New York City subway car travels roughly 53,000 miles per year across some of the oldest transit infrastructure in the world. Rumbling through a web of grungy tunnels and weather-beaten elevated tracks, the cars are subjected to overcrowding, underfunding, vandalism, garbage and routine wear and tear.

Sometimes it’s a marvel the system functions at all.

ImageTwo workers with blue helmets, Hemchandra Singh (wearing a green shirt) and Joshua Zailabdeen (wearing a blue striped polo) use a pneumatic lift to stack subway wheels, each the size of truck tire.
Hemchandra Singh (left) and Joshua Zailabdeen stacking old subway wheels to be recycled.

Breakdowns do occur, but the number might be a lot higher if not for a diverse legion of technical specialists who keep the moving parts doing just that — moving.

Every single wheel, motor, brake, axle, wire and door on every subway car gets completely refurbished every six to 12 years at the Coney Island Overhaul Shop in Brooklyn or its sister facility at 207th Street in Manhattan. The work is part of a scheduled maintenance program, introduced in 1989 and designed to prevent breakdowns before they occur.

The system works much like a scheduled tuneup on an automobile. Trains roll into the facilities, where they are disassembled, reconditioned to near-factory specifications, and then sent back out into a railroad that functions as New York’s vascular system, pumping more than a billion riders across 345 million miles each year, 24 hours a day, every day.

Motors being disassembled before their overhaul begins.

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AI cars with LiDAR integration on the horizon, says Win Semi chairman - DIGITIMES

Against the backdrop of ongoing discussions and anticipation surrounding AI's diverse applications, Win Semiconductors Chairman Chen Chin-Tsai boldly proclaimed the inevitable emergence of AI Cars.

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Potholes damage dozens of cars – -

Video / Feb 29, 2024 / 10:16 PM PST

Potholes damage dozens of cars

Video / Feb 29, 2024 / 11:08 PM PST

ODOT to close major Portland-Beaverton connection for nine months

Video / Feb 29, 2024 / 10:08 PM PST

House passes changes to Measure 110

Video / Feb 29, 2024 / 06:30 PM PST

Amendment to recriminalize small amounts of drugs passes in Oregon House

Video / Feb 29, 2024 / 05:30 PM PST

Audit outlines challenges addressing Oregon’s government workforce crisis

Video / Feb 29, 2024 / 05:27 PM PST

Body camera footage released of officer-involved fatal shooting during Clark County welfare check

Video / Feb 29, 2024 / 05:25 PM PST

City, county, and state of Oregon update fentanyl emergency efforts after 30 days

Video / Feb 29, 2024 / 04:58 PM PST

‘Sinking ship’: MultCo Board votes down immediate action, but passes long-term approach to ambulance crisis

Video / Feb 29, 2024 / 04:57 PM PST

‘Sinking ship’: MultCo Board votes down immediate action, but passes long-term approach to ambulance crisis

Video / Feb 29, 2024 / 04:55 PM PST

Video / Feb 29, 2024 / 04:51 PM PST

A recent study from OHSU has found that walking, reminiscing and the socialization that goes with those activities benefit mood, cognitive function and overall brain health in older Black adults.

Video / Feb 29, 2024 / 04:50 PM PST

A new Oregon Health & Science University study found that slight, temporary changes in menstrual cycles are associated with the timing of COVID-19 vaccinations.






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2024 Maserati GranTurismo Review: Beyond Next-Gen | Videos -

Despite what you might think, this is not the same Maserati GranTurismo that you've known, loved, and probably gotten a little sick of over the past 17 years. No, this is the all new for 2024 second-generation Maserati GranTurismo.

We are here in the beautiful, very dry, very cacti-filled Sonoran desert. Just outside of Tucson, Arizona. I live in Los Angeles. I figured what better way to put the new GranTurismo through its grand touring paces than a 500-mile, seven-hour drive from LA to Tucson. Let's see what we think. It likely doesn't share a single component with the previous generation, but it sure does look the same. Here are some of the biggest aesthetic differences and similarities that we have found with the old generation and the new generation. Let's start with the differences first. Check out these all new headlights. They are gorgeous, they are aggressive, and they look like jewelry. They contrast well with these hood channels that are available both on the base Modena and this Trofe trim, which is the most aggressive, highest performance version of the GranTurismo at launch. The front fascia is all new, even though it does look kind of similar, the front badge is also entirely new. It doesn't have as much silver, doesn't have any red as the old badge. It's kind of cool. Because this is the Trofeo and the most aggressive, we have a Trofeo-specific wheel set. Now, here's what's essentially unchanged over the last generation. We have the same awesome speed holes that were on, I think pretty much every single GranTurismo ever built. We have this beautiful aggressive trident badge on the rear pillar, and to be honest with you, basically the entire rear end. And you know what? That's really not a bad thing. The original generation car was so darn beautiful, even up to its final 2019 model year. I'm really glad they were able to basically get the entire shape of the old car on an all-new platform. You know, so the taillights of the differences on the rear, the taillights are a little bit more narrow, a little bit more aggressive. The entire portion of the rear fascia is different and changed. And then we've got a revised rear air diffuser on the bottom of the bumper. Oh, and in addition, the GranTurismo script is a little bit revised over the prior generation. You see, it's kind of tricky to find these differences. That's how similar these cars really are. Now, of course, the most significant changes are to be found under this nice new fancy skin. And well, let's start with the biggest change. In place of the beautiful, wonderful, buttery, caramelly, 4.7 liter naturally aspirated V8 that we all love so very much in the old GranTurismo, we have a new three-liter, twin-turbo V6. Ooh. Now I say new, it's not exactly new. We did get our first taste of this in the semi-new Maserati MC20, mid-engine supercar, and all the same stuff that we liked about that is here. That means this has twin spark ignition. It's got pre-chamber combustion. Now it is detuned slightly over the 621 horsepower version in the MC20. This means in the Trofeo, which is the most aggressive and performance oriented trim at the launch, this is 542 horsepower and 479 pound feet of torque. That is 59 horsepower up over the base Modena. Now, regardless of trim, all of second-gen GranTurismos come with this engine. They come with all-wheel drive and no matter how you spec it, they all have an eight speed automatic. Now, not a dual clutch, automatic. If you are impressed with stylistic improvements and mechanical changes on the outside, wait till you see the interior of the new GranTurismo. I cannot stress just how improved the new car is over the old car from a material, from a presentation, from a design, from a quality of life standpoint, it's phenomenal. I guarantee the first thing you're gonna notice when you hop in the new GranTurismo is just how improved the interior tech is over the old car. Now, here's a little bit of controversial take here. There are no physical buttons in the inside of the GranTurismo other than the physical shift buttons for transmission operation and the hard buttons you get on the steering wheel, and of course the window switches. But other than that, all basic vehicle functions from infotainment all the way down to the climate controls and the auto start/stop and, you know, seat functions, they're all controlled through four screens, spread out the interior. I know that's kind of a controversial take, but really in my experience, which I prefer hard buttons usually, this system works quite well. So on the primary screen, which is on the top portion of the center part of the dash, this is your standard infotainment screen. It handles Apple CarPlay, it handles navigation, Bluetooth connection, all that good stuff. But it also has a series of performance pages that you can access while you're driving. And it has, you know, auxiliary stuff like, you know, boost pressure gauges, oil pressure gauges, torque vectoring layouts, interesting, neat kind of stuff like that. On the bottom portion of the center console, you have a different screen that controls, like I said, the climate controls. So this also includes heated steering wheel functions, cooled seats, heated seats. Even the glove box is controlled through the touchscreen, which I know is kind of goofy, but trust me, it works. And moving to the driver's side of the dash, you have the beautiful, configurable digital layout. I mean, that we are really becoming familiar with in this new era of cars. It's gorgeous, it's high refresh rate. It's excellent resolution. And again, it's very configurable. So there's a number of layouts that you can choose. You can have your navigation deported to the center of your gauges. You can push everything to the side. You can bring everything in the middle. It's quite beautiful. And believe it or not, the fourth screen, which I was wondering if you would figure that one out, is actually the clock. Now, when I say clock, it's really just a tiny circular screen mounted at the top, the upper portion of the dash. Now this can be configured through that bottom center screen. I know this is going to get kind of confusing, but once you see the car, it makes sense. Because Maseratis of old used to have one of their signatures was an analog clock in the middle of the dash. It was quite a popular option. Maserati included a callback to this, but with a 21st century twist. So now instead of an analog clock, it's a high refresh rate, high resolution circular screen that acts as a clock, which you can have three distinct styles of clock. Or you can toggle a compass function, you can have it as a G meter, that's pretty cool. Yeah, it's quite configurable and it really does add quite a bit to the experience. Now for the non-digital stuff, the materials. As this is a Maserati, the interior is awash and gorgeous leather, beautiful aluminum trim, raw carbon fiber here, raw carbon fiber applique here on the center console, really the leather is top notch. It's rich, it's as you can see, it's quite colorful. It's like, it's blood red. Yeah, the stitching is impeccable. It's beautiful to touch. It's beautiful to look at. The metal trim is subtle. It's probably not visible within the first few seconds of getting in, but it is embedded here in the dash. It's got a beautiful tree color enamel badge here for the Italian flag. The GranTurismo script on the dash is a nice, beautiful touch. These gorgeous, comfortable, well-bolstered sports seats are standard with all trims. And speaking of seats, this is a GranTurismo or grand tour, so there are four seats, and this is a two-plus-two configuration. So you can bring your friends and your friends can enjoy all this nice, beautiful leather as well. (engine revving) And the net result of all these major changes is a car that is almost wholly unrecognizable to the car that it replaces. And we, of course, have to talk about the small displacement elephant in the room. And that is that no matter how punchy and mean and meaty this three-liter, twin-turbo V6 is, it is just not quite as evocative as the naturally aspirated 4.7 liter V8 that it replaces in the last generation. So yes, it does not sound nearly as good, but it packs a huge punch. What is remarkable is how it does feel wholly Maserati. It's no Natty-V8, but this engine feels like it could be in nothing else other than a Maserati. I feel like there's just so much weight on the second generation, GranTurismo's shoulders. I mean the first generation, as beloved as it was in the very beginning, in the first couple model years, towards the end of the product cycle, it was just kinda the butt of a lot of jokes. I've always had a huge soft spot for GranTurismo, both the first and now this second generation. And I think people misunderstand what the purpose of this vehicle is. It's right there in the name, GranTurismo, grand touring. If you evaluate the new GranTurismo and the old GranTurismo against sports cars, dedicated sports cars like a 911, a Corvette, even an Aston Martin Vantage, the new AMG GT, it's gonna fall apart. In terms of aggression and performance and capability, think of this as the middle ground between the sharp, peaky 911 and the much more expensive and much more luxury focused, Bentley Continental GT and even the Wraith. At least in the modern era, these larger Maseratis, those being the four-door Quattroporte and this GranTurismo, they've always been positioned and kind of designed and marketed from the outset as being the gentleman's Ferrari, or maybe the gentleman's alternative to the more raucous, more expensive, more uncomfortable, more aggressive Ferrari's that we see like in the Ferrari 812 and 296. Compared to Ferrari's focus on on-track performance, Maserati puts an emphasis on longer legs. You've got four seats, you can bring your friends, you can throw all their stuff in a huge trunk. There's a softer suspension. It's just a much more comfortable car to use long distances. But all this luxury doesn't mean that the new GranTurismo isn't a tremendously capable performance vehicle. The very definition of a grand tour is something that perfectly blends performance and comfort. The idea is that it is as comfortable and well equipped enough that you wouldn't think twice about hopping in a grand tour to take across the country, to take up the coast. It's all about turning a commute into a journey. Without the V8, it has lost that buttery, rich, amazing V8 soundtrack, but you have gained an incredible amount of torque, and around-town usability, and top end, and speed, and everything everywhere with this turbocharged engine. I mean, the way that this thing gathers speed is insane. And I am framing that in our world of instant torque over accelerating EVs and 800 horsepower Hellcats. And as part of this, driver inputs are really well balanced. Steering is sharp and communicative, but it's not too heavy, it's not too busy. The brake pedal is not too firm. It's a little bit softer than what you'd find on a 911 or Corvette or even an AMG GT, but the stopping power is tremendous. But it also allows you to modulate well in traffic situations for better comfort. All second-generation GranTurismos ride on an adaptive, self-leveling air suspension that can either stiffen things up or soften things down depending on which drive mode you're in. And this is not revolutionary technology, but in the GranTurismo, it works exceptionally well. I gotta say, between the powerful new engine, gorgeous interior, and comprehensive upgrade of quality of life over the old generation, I'm in love with the new GranTurismo. It's just such a fabulous car. But for the full breakdown and full review, you gotta go to (upbeat music)

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Suspect in custody after thefts from cars in church parking lot - WTHR

"She wasn't just looking for high-dollar items," one alleged victim said.

INDIANAPOLIS — On Sunday, while worship was taking place inside South Emerson Church of God, police say a woman was going through cars in the parking lot and stealing anything she could get her hands on.

"She wasn't just looking for high-dollar items. She stole energy drinks and little bits of change from people's cup holders. All the way up to, I think it was like up to a $20,000 ventilator out of the back of a nurse's car," said Joshua Brown, who is a member of the church. 

Joshua and Sarah Brown were at the church that night. The cameras on their Tesla capturing everything.

"So, we got to the car, I immediately jumped in and brought up the camera footage and immediately I said, 'Oh my goodness, there's a lady standing next to the car,' so I hit play and there she is, going from car to car to car," said Brown. 

That's when the Browns say they called Beech Grove police.

"In the middle of interviewing us, one of the other ladies who had their car broken into says, 'Oh my goodness, they just tried to use my credit card at a Speedway gas station.' The policeman says, 'What's the address?' and I helped her look up the address and he said, 'Send me a picture of the lady off your car, here's my phone number,' and he zips out of there calling for two more cars as he's running," recalled Brown. 

That Speedway was a quick two-minute drive away on Churchman Avenue. Police say when they got there, they spotted the woman sitting in her car before arresting her.

"Their car was full of items. It was a stolen car, she was armed and she had stolen a lot of things," Sarah Janisse-Brown said.

According to court records, the woman faces more than a handful of charges, including theft, unauthorized entry of a motor vehicle and unlawful possession of a firearm by a serious violent felon.

"I wish she would have come into the church and asked for help, I really do, and we would have helped her," said Janisse-Brown. 

(NOTE: 13News does not name suspects in cases until formal charges are filed by prosecutors.)

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